Friday, June 7, 2013

Tips for Giving a Technical Presentations 

There are four main types of presentations: informative, entertaining, persuasive and arousing (touching the audience's emotions). These presentations can be given in five basic mediums that include oral presenter, poster, group panel, workshop, and round-table proposals.

Today we’ll discuss technical presentations, which either persuade or inform an audience. They typically incorporate scientific research to support product design, and problem resolutions. Technical presentations are usually created by experts in the subject matter as they involve a lot of research, inquiries, and results and should be capable of answering any related questions.

Below are some tips to help you create an exceptional technical presentation:

  1. Know your content: Research and navigate your content over and over. Be a master of your content and the statistics you’ve provided.

  1. Know your audience: Pretend you’re in the audience. Make the content and presentation relatable and likeable.

  1. Be creative: Variety is good. Depending on your audience, don’t be afraid to add color, pictures, charts, tables, and more to your presentation. Be creative with your slides, titles, bullets, and font. However, stay professional.

  1. Be interactive: You’ve spent all that time doing research and mastering your content now is the time to get some great feedback. Incorporate questions, polls, votes, and discussion time at the end to engage your audience.

  1. Relax: Practice your content with someone you know. This will help you decide how to pace yourself, monitor over talking, or using phrases that your audience doesn’t understand. Show excitement during your presentation in the content. Saying a small joke will help.

  1. Be simple: Remember your audience when presenting your content. Don’t be afraid to slow down or simplify research, procedures, wordage, or diagrams in order for your audience to fully grasp the material.

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