Monday, September 10, 2012

Choosing a Suitable PowerPoint Template

Microsoft PowerPoint, with a market share of nearly 95% is one of the most widely used presentation software in the market. It has now become almost an essential in every organization and for every professional. Everyone from academics to students use PowerPoint, as it helps them to display and present their ideas without wasting any time with other forms of presentation aid like whiteboards, blackboards, mechanical slides, etc. Having the right template for the presentation is vital, so it’s crucial to get it right. Content is the most important part of presentation, but what makes a presentation interesting and effective is the visual appeal. 

Title Page PowerPoint Template Sample (Fashion)

A template is basically a set graphics, and there are lots of combinations of different shapes, colors and style designs available, which help you in making an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation. Choosing the right template is the most important step in making any presentation effective. If you choose a template style that coordinates with the theme of your presentation, it will be inviting to your audience. For example, If you are presenting a topic related to business ethics, you don’t want to use a template that is designed for something like nature or environment. A template designed for business purposes would be more suited in this case. 
Aside from the built in templates that come with PowerPoint, there are many places on the internet to find free templates or very reasonably priced templates.  Here is a list for both free and reasonably priced websites at

For large template sites you can start by selecting the category you are looking for i.e., nature, business, shopping etc.  Then begin to consider which shapes and visuals represent your topic.  Keep in mind many internet templates may not permit you to make changes to the template as the whole background may have been done in Photoshop.  Ensure you find a template that meets all your graphic and text space requirements.

Another consideration is color, as color can be a very impacting element of a presentation.  Perhaps yellow with swirls in the background does not work best for you.  Here is a great article about the Psychology of Colors in PowerPoint 

There are a many considerations when it comes to choosing the perfect template; style, color, shape and the combination of elements that fit your subject. Take the extra time to find that perfect template to suit your needs. The way the presentation looks has a great impact on the way your subject matter is perceived.


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  2. I had a situation where we are all at work, said the test to create a presentation, well, it turned out that two people have created a presentation on the same free templates. I if and downloading templates, only with paid RESOURCES (example, since there is much less likelihood that there will be a similar situation. And there is a very high quality templates are made.

  3. Great point. There are a lot of great template resources out there that are inexpensive with a yearly fee or you can purchase specific templates for your needs that are very affordable.

    There is also the option of a place like to have templates created to suit your needs for $5. They often give examples of their work and you can message with someone there if you have questions about their work.

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  5. The points which you shared in post are helpful to select suitable PowerPoint templates thank you.